Our paper "A Generative Adversarial Network based Ensemble Technique for Automatic Evaluation of Machine Synthesized Speech" has been accepted for poster presentation in the 5th Asian Conference on Pattern Recognition (ACPR 2019) to be held between 26-29th November 2019 in Auckland, NZ. I congratulate my co-authors Jaynil Jaiswal, B. Sasikiran Reddy and Shashank Kashyap for all their valuable support for making this happen. I thank our mentor Puneet Kumar who has helped us through out this project and giving important tips on how to write and organise a paper. I also thank our professors Dr. R. Balasubramanian and Dr. Partha P. Roy to give us this opportunity to showcase our work on a global platform.

I will soon add a full post covering a summary of our work and how we ended up successfully submitting it to a conference. I will also include a camera-ready version of our work in the same post.